Millennium Bicycle Station ChicagoMillennium Bicycle StationMillennium Bicycle Station Chicago

Located in Chicago's
Millennium Park

1. Stay Healthy and Fit!
Biking is a great cardiovascular workout and does wonders for circulation and muscle tone. It’s much easier to stay fit when you work exercise into your daily routine.

2. Save Time
Biking is often faster than driving and you don't waste time looking for parking. Exercising while commuting could save you a trip to the Gym!

3. Save Money
No Gas! No Insurance! No Tickets! No Headaches!

4. Have Fun
Biking is lots of fun! Chicago is a beautiful city to bike through with over 120 miles of bike lanes.

5. Keep Our Planet Green
Bicycles do not use fossil fuels, cause ozone depletion, or emit deadly pollutants.



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